Ric Tremaine Your Real Estate Consultant for Life

Ric Tremaine Your Real Estate Consultant for Life

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I have personally known Ric for over 20 years and throughout I have found him to be of good and sound character. Ric is an extremely competent and capable individual.

~ Alan Spergel, Toronto

"With a passion for customer satisfaction and artistic flourish, Ric became the top real estate agent for his firm in his second year as an agent."

"Excellent communication skills coupled with design savvy and a vision for adaptive re-use of property are simply his second nature."

“...may be the ultimate real estate agent of the Renovation Generation.”

~ The Toronto Star


Attention to detail and care for his clients are the basis for his solid reputation in real estate. These talents are obvious throughout the design and redevelopment of fine properties for his clients, Ric continues to deliver truly outstanding properties, while maintaining a reputation for honesty and business integrity that is not so common in today's society.

~ City Magazine

I have known and worked with Ric since 1978.
He was a key player in the transition of Cabbagetown.
He is ethical, honest, trustworthy, and courteous. I could go on.
He was one of the finest Real Estate Agents I have ever worked with.
~ Bob Airey, Professional Sales Rep

Many years ago I met Ric Tremaine when he was a registrant with the now defunct Terry Martel Realty Ltd. I worked with him and his clients to appraise many complex and diverse residential and commercial projects. As well my late father Sid, as a commercial mortgage broker worked with Ric on projects. My father introduced Ric to some of the largest developers in Toronto. He earned their respect.

Ric was one of the most professional, highly motivated agents I had met at that time and it is no secret that within the Cabbagetown and expanded areas he was the dominant Realtor for many years. He was profiled in the Toronto Star and other media as he was that successful.
At all times, it was a pleasure to be of service to Ric. He had an amazing grasp of the real estate industry and at all times he displayed the highest of ethics.
~ Barry Lebow, Appraiser/Teacher/Broker

Ric really knew the market place and made both the buyer and seller understand each deal with ease that only comes from experience. He also helped me in getting contractors to do the renovations, Then has also found tenants for all of the properties..

We need more people like Ric Tremaine in the market place.
~ Cliff Beaton, Toronto / Calgary.

Thank you for the difference you made in my life

Glad to hear you're back into real estate at Bosley.
You were the best and easiest agent I had ever worked with. Sixteen years later, I still find myself telling the story of how much difference my real estate agent made for my career and happiness.
You researched well exactly what we were looking for. I remember how thrilled you were to show us the house you had picked to fill my dream of a healing centre, and then how well you hung in there with us when we didn't go for it. You patiently showed us another 8 houses and even put an offer in for us on one which, in retrospect I can clearly see, would not have been nearly as good in structure or location.
When another offer was accepted over ours, you just comforted us and started pulling up more houses and then dared to say a few days later, "I hate to sound like a broken record, but I think you should take another look at the first house I showed you."
And this time we could see the possibilities.
We got that house at an even better price and it proved to be perfect.
I will always appreciate how you continued to support us with advice and recommendations on renovating it well and the great advice you gave me when you said, " Your dream is great, but if I were you, I would run it as a Bed and Breakfast for a few years, so you can pay down some of your renovation debts first."
That was probably the best business advice I ever received. You were so right, the setup and the location made it easy to build up a thriving Bed and Breakfast and we loved paying down our debts so quickly. I had such a great time running that B & B that 9 years later when we sold it for a profit, I opened another one out on a lake close enough to Toronto I'll enjoy running it right into my retirement years.
And a bonus to it all, I have found along the way even better avenues for being involved in healing and making a difference for more people than my original dream.
So thanks again,
~ Linda Leenders., Enterpreneur and Counselor

I met Ric when introduced to him as a broker serving the downtown core of the City of Toronto.

He was a dedicated and high energy person who was very effective in matching up Real Estate to his clients needs.
He was my Sales Rep in locating a home for me to purchase.
He was an effective person in networking and finding unique properties and also in pricing properties to encourage sales.
I always found him reliable, with integrity and willing to put his time and efforts in to see sales closed.
I am able to speak with knowledge as I have been acquainted with him for some 24 years now.
~ Michael Lloyd, Designer, Project Manager, Architect

Ric Tremaine always approached business negotiations in a thoroughly professional and straightforward way. You have maintained a good knowledge of current real estate markets in Toronto and I think that you will be successful based on your strong marketing skills and the creative approach you bring to business negotiations.

~ Stewart Pearson, President and Principal Broker,

Ric didn’t just sell us a house, he sold us a home and helped us to redesign and renovate.

Jenny Davey, Toronto


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